"All TruProducts are specifically engineered for cleaning, lubricating and protecting the metal of your outdoor gear."


TruProducts are all 100% synthetic oils that are engineered to bond to metal and create a lasting barrier of protection and lubrication for your hunting and fishing equipment.

TruProducts will not separate from metal in the presence of moisture, debris or extreme high and low temperatures. Years of field and laboratory testing prove TruProducts outlast traditional oils and lubricants every time.

The Regular Use of TruProducts Oils Will:

  • Maximize equipment performance 
  • Minimize maintenance time and expense 
  • Reduce equipment failures 
  • Decrease replacement costs 

TruProduct oils were specifically developed for today's high performance equipment used by the avid sportsman in the water, in the woods, or on a firing range. Your equipment is an investment. Take care of it with TruProducts.

TruProducts delivers or we'll refund your money!


TruProducts is a Veteran Owned Company!

Proudly Made in the USA!