Duck Club of Oklahoma

With some of the best waterfowl hunting in southwest Oklahoma the folks at Oklahoma Duck Club have come to rely on the superior performance of TruRecoil MAXIMUM Waterfowl Oil.

Intense scouting and years of relationships have provided us great places to hunt in Southwestern Oklahoma. We specialize in dry land duck hunting, but don't pass up a chance to shoot them over water either. Wherever the ducks are, we find them and go to great length to insure our hunters have the best possible chance to shoot limits of ducks.

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I used TruRecoil gun oil all last season and our Benelli’s worked well, in all conditions. We hunt peanut fields a lot and the is no environment worse for guns than the dust that sandy peanut field produce. Many a time, I have had clients guns totally jam up on them. With TruRecoil, the guns don’t pick up the dust and our automatics would continue to fire. I only had trouble with freeze ups last year after I left my TruRecoil gun oil at our other hunting cabin and had to resort to conventional gun oil. I am a believer in this product and highly recommend it to all my clients!
— Tim West, Owner