"REV Ballistic Training Glasses"

REV Ballistic Training Glasses

REV Ballistic Training Glasses

"LOCK IN PRECISION"  Greatness is about getting in the zone.  It's about Dedication and Focus!  Locking in mind and body to preform with total confidence.

Why REV Training Glasses?

Strobe training is an essential tool in learning how to see the target.  It's like taking your eyes to the gym!  "After a session of shooting, I'm amazed at how clearly i can see the target."



The Benefits of the Rev TacTical Training Glasses:

        See more of your surroundings:

  • Enhance peripheral vision for greater awareness of threats, target and safety concerns.

  • Track your target without distractions, Increase attention span and improve focus. 

  • Improve Balance, Enhance stability to preform in demanding environments.

  • Adapt to changing environments and potential threats, Improve reaction time by making accurate, split-second decisions.. 

  • Correctly judge target distance, Strengthen depth perception for greater accuracy.

  • Stay Safe in the field, Protect your most important asset-- your eyesight--with the REV's Ballistic rated frame and lenses.



Rev Tactical Training Glasses
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